Useful Links

One of my most frequented websites is the Audax UK website itself, but there are myriad of other cycling websites I turn to on a regular basis for advice, route creation and manipulation; and for lots of other fun stuff of course.

Routing Tools and Websites

  • Bike Hike – useful for resampling elevation data and reversing routes
  • Kamoot – import a GPX file: Road Bikes: find out the surface of any cycle tracks along your route, MTB: explore off-road routes and surfaces
  • RideWithGPS – create your own routes with this mature online software. the “go-to” solution for many.
  • Strava Route Builder (Beta) – my preferred method forb creating new cycling routes. awkward at times especially editing existing routes. must give RideWithGPS a try!

Forums and Communities

  • YACF – the grand daddy of cycling forums
  • CyclingUK – another very popular forum
  • BikeRadar – ImmediateMedia’s community forum
  • RoadCC – a less popular forum, but I still visit it from time to time

Video stuff

  • LightWorks – I currently use this for creating my videos. a little primitive at times, but has served me well so far.
  • NoCopyrightSounds – a starting point for download copyright-free music; mostly electronic-dance and ambient music
  • Handbrake – got a clip recorded at too higher a frame rate? this will fix that for you and more.
  • GoPro – I bought mine second-hand, the GoPro Hero 5 Black; an awesome action camera for capturing video on the move.

GPX / GPS Downloads and Tools

  • GPS Routes – the most comprehensive site for downloading routes and trails across England, Scotland Wales.
  • GPX Merge – merge routes together can be useful when used with the above website

Hills and Climbing

  • CyclingUphill – Simon Warren’s Top 100 UK Cycling Climbs. an essential bookmark!
  • Top 10 Lincolnshire Climbs – in my neck of the wood this is a top bookmark for reminding yourself that Yes, Lincolnshire does have hills!
  • Audax Rate of Climbing – if your interested in creating your own DIYs or ECEs and also want to get some AAA points then you need to read this


  • Rolling Resistance – if your interested in a new set of tyres check this page out first
  • Wind Forecast – if I am keen to know about the strength and direction of the Wind I refer to the XC Weather website
  • Weather Forecast – there is no better website to go to for finding out what the weather is likely to do than; completely unbiased weather forecasts

Sportives (Lincolnshire)

  • SportiveHQ – very affordable cyclosportives covering mostly Lincolnshire, but increasingly adjoining counties
  • ITP Events – organisers of the (in)famous Lincoln Grand Prix. climb Michaelgate toward the finish line; #28 in Simon Warren’s Top 100 UK Climbs.

Be sure to check out my Round-up video of Lincolnshire Sportives